Friday, April 03, 2015

I Like Big Trucks and I Can Not Lie

Time for another edition of “Pick That Camera Up”

We had brunch at a really cute restaurant in a historic district not too far from us (downtown McKinney for those reading who are local). 

I typically wouldn’t take my camera to something like this. We had plans to walk the square after we ate and old Kendra wouldn’t be too excited about lugging the camera around buuuuuut with the whole New Year’s resolution and all I decided to bring it along.

As I’ve said in my other “Pick That Camera Up” post I’m so happy I decided to grab it. I would have missed these shots which I think are stinking precious and really showcase Weston’s silly personality.

Pure bliss captured in these photos!
Weston is obsessed with big trucks, construction vehicles, farm equipment.
If it’s big and has wheels he’s all about it! 

IMG_2063 copy

IMG_2026 copy

IMG_2046 copy

IMG_2034 copy

These sure do make me simile and so does our little nut!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!
Kent has Good Friday off so we’re headed to the zoo with one of Weston’s little buddies.
I’m pretty sure I’m more excited than he is but I know he’s going to have a blast.
He was tiny the last time we went (see here) so I can’t wait to see his reaction to all the animals.

This will be out last family of 3 adventure so it’s a little bitter sweet.

Yes I’ll be lugging my big camera along. I have a feeling there will be tons of precious photo opts.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Oh Hey There April

IMG_2197 copy

Maternity photos have not been shot.
The nursery is not finished. 
Not a diaper has been bought and our newborn cloth diaper stash is packed away…..somewhere.
We don’t have a double stroller.
The house is an unorganized cluttered mess.
Unfinished house projects are sprinkled throughout our home.
The infant car set is somewhere in our garage but I’m not quite sure where and it needs a good washing before I’m ready to put a baby in it.
Our bags are not packed.
A coming home outfit for the little has not been bought.
My list of random beauty things to do before the baby comes is still a mile long. Yes I know vane but I do have a list. Hate me if you must.
Bottles need to be washed.
Pacifiers need to be found.
Parts for the breast pump need to be ordered.
Nursing bras? Hum should probably buy a couple of those.
My heart is racing and I’m getting even more stressed just typing this so I’ll stop there oh but the list goes on and on.

I’m sure you’ll say all these things don’t matter and I know you’re right but the nesting mama in me strongly disagrees with you.


Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is highly impossible with a toddler constantly underfoot.
Saying that we’re not ready is a massive understatement but guess what?
My mother-in-law (our saving grace) comes home this weekend annnnnnnnnd……….

We’re having a baby this month! Eeeeeekk!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Checking in From the Dark Pits……


Checking in from the dark pits of the stomach bug bloodshot eye and all.
It’s been a rough week in the Huie household.

Weston had a fun play date Monday morning. Play dates are so very good for the mama heart and the littles get to run off some steam so it’s a win win!

But this play date will be one I remember for a very long time.

Weston was a little fussy towards the evening. It rolled over to the next day but like us toddlers have their off days so I didn’t think too much of it until…….

he started tossing his cookies Tuesday evening.

My poor sweet wild child has his 1st stomach bug.
I’ve worked with children for many a moon (babysitter, nanny, teacher, child photographer) but caring for a child suffering from a stomach bug was a new one and thankfully I had yet to earn that badge for my mama sash.

2015-03-25 11.19.42 1

What should I feed him?
How do I keep him from getting a bad diaper rash with all yucky diapers? 
Is there anything the pediatrician can do or do we just have to wait it out?  
At what point do I need to start getting concerned about dehydration?

So like any parent would do I called the pediatrician then Googled the heck out of the words “Toddler Stomach Bug” while I waited for her to call me back. How in the world did my parents raise me without Google?

Now armed with knowledge from the doctor and probably way too much info from my web search I was ready to tackle our 1st stomach bug! 

2015-03-25 07.56.08 1While you hate that they’re sick the extra cuddles especially from our tornado man add a little sweetness.

I’m back! Did ya even know I left? I did. 
Kent took over bug duty so I could have a little down time. I decided to type up a blog (this very one) and things took a bad turn a few minutes after I started typing.
Here we are 3 days later.

Not only had Weston come down with the bug he started teething.
Dang you 2nd year molars.
Actually dang you all baby teeth. You’ve been so very mean to my little.

Weston is not one that handles teething well. Go check out my “Surviving Teething” YouTube video. You'll see how hard it is all over my face. 
Anyway I needed to tend to that thennnnnnn……

I came down with the stomach bug later than night.

Y’all this thing is no joke.
Hugging the porcelain throne while being 8.5 months pregnant with a sick teething baby must be a little glimpse of hell on earth.
Thank goodness it’s skipped Kent and he was able to take a day off to help with ground control.

pic_to_sendKent sent me adorable photos from their day together while I was quarantined in our bedroom

From our playdate 3 out of the 4 babies came down with the bug Tuesday evening and a few days later 3 out of the 4 parents that were there had also been hit but the bug……CRAZINESS!
It was like our own little plyadate outbreak.  
The mamas started a “We Will Survive” group texting chain and swapped horror stories until the wee hours of the night. 

Sweet friends sent text of support.
My mother-in-law called from China to check on us.
My father-in-law called daily to offer help and showed up with a care box Sunday evening.
How very, very sweet and lucky we are to have a good support system! 
Things like that, taking time out of your day to send a little support really speaks to my heart.
Everyone is so busy these days the fact that someone would take a little time to reach out means a lot.

I’m happy to say that we’ve come out the other side.
All the mama’s and babies are better yippee!
I’m left with an angry teething toddler.
A teething toddler is MUUUUCH better than a sick teething toddler so I’ll take it!
Weston pulled through without getting a diaper rash which I was really worried about and I lost a couple pounds. Not too shabby!

Now we’re in lock down mode as you can be a carrier for a while after having the virus even if you’re symptom free. I would feel awful if we passed this onto another family and as you can see it’s highly contagious……….so we wait!
Our reward will be a trip to the zoo on Good Friday!

I now feel the need to bleach and disinfection everything in our house…..
Sheets, clothing, toys, furniture, bathrooms (of course).
So I guess I should thank the stomach bug for kicking my spring cleaning in gear oh and for the weight loss. Yeah that’s pretty sweet too.


The 3 littles from Weston going to the right: “The 2015 Play Date Outbreak” survivors!
I think we need official shirts and a mama survivor photo too! 

I’m being a little dramatic in this post. Yes it was rough. Yes it will be a week I remember for a long time. Of course it could be worse and I’m sure we’ll encounter much harder things are parents. Buuuuuut while we were in the thick of it it was pretty darn crummy!

Cheers to a better week!