Sunday, March 29, 2015

Checking in From the Dark Pits……


Checking in from the dark pits of the stomach bug bloodshot eye and all.
It’s been a rough week in the Huie household.

Weston had a fun play date Monday morning. Play dates are so very good for the mama heart and the littles get to run off some steam so it’s a win win!

But this play date will be one I remember for a very long time.

Weston was a little fussy towards the evening. It rolled over to the next day but like us toddlers have their off days so I didn’t think too much of it until…….

he started tossing his cookies Tuesday evening.

My poor sweet wild child has his 1st stomach bug.
I’ve worked with children for many a moon (babysitter, nanny, teacher, child photographer) but caring for a child suffering from a stomach bug was a new one and thankfully I had yet to earn that badge for my mama sash.

2015-03-25 11.19.42 1

What should I feed him?
How do I keep him from getting a bad diaper rash with all yucky diapers? 
Is there anything the pediatrician can do or do we just have to wait it out?  
At what point do I need to start getting concerned about dehydration?

So like any parent would do I called the pediatrician then Googled the heck out of the words “Toddler Stomach Bug” while I waited for her to call me back. How in the world did my parents raise me without Google?

Now armed with knowledge from the doctor and probably way too much info from my web search I was ready to tackle our 1st stomach bug! 

2015-03-25 07.56.08 1While you hate that they’re sick the extra cuddles especially from our tornado man add a little sweetness.

I’m back! Did ya even know I left? I did. 
Kent took over bug duty so I could have a little down time. I decided to type up a blog (this very one) and things took a bad turn a few minutes after I started typing.
Here we are 3 days later.

Not only had Weston come down with the bug he started teething.
Dang you 2nd year molars.
Actually dang you all baby teeth. You’ve been so very mean to my little.

Weston is not one that handles teething well. Go check out my “Surviving Teething” YouTube video. You'll see how hard it is all over my face. 
Anyway I needed to tend to that thennnnnnn……

I came down with the stomach bug later than night.

Y’all this thing is no joke.
Hugging the porcelain throne while being 8.5 months pregnant with a sick teething baby must be a little glimpse of hell on earth.
Thank goodness it’s skipped Kent and he was able to take a day off to help with ground control.

pic_to_sendKent sent me adorable photos from their day together while I was quarantined in our bedroom

From our playdate 3 out of the 4 babies came down with the bug Tuesday evening and a few days later 3 out of the 4 parents that were there had also been hit but the bug……CRAZINESS!
It was like our own little plyadate outbreak.  
The mamas started a “We Will Survive” group texting chain and swapped horror stories until the wee hours of the night. 

Sweet friends sent text of support.
My mother-in-law called from China to check on us.
My father-in-law called daily to offer help and showed up with a care box Sunday evening.
How very, very sweet and lucky we are to have a good support system! 
Things like that, taking time out of your day to send a little support really speaks to my heart.
Everyone is so busy these days the fact that someone would take a little time to reach out means a lot.

I’m happy to say that we’ve come out the other side.
All the mama’s and babies are better yippee!
I’m left with an angry teething toddler.
A teething toddler is MUUUUCH better than a sick teething toddler so I’ll take it!
Weston pulled through without getting a diaper rash which I was really worried about and I lost a couple pounds. Not too shabby!

Now we’re in lock down mode as you can be a carrier for a while after having the virus even if you’re symptom free. I would feel awful if we passed this onto another family and as you can see it’s highly contagious……….so we wait!
Our reward will be a trip to the zoo on Good Friday!

I now feel the need to bleach and disinfection everything in our house…..
Sheets, clothing, toys, furniture, bathrooms (of course).
So I guess I should thank the stomach bug for kicking my spring cleaning in gear oh and for the weight loss. Yeah that’s pretty sweet too.


The 3 littles from Weston going to the right: “The 2015 Play Date Outbreak” survivors!
I think we need official shirts and a mama survivor photo too! 

I’m being a little dramatic in this post. Yes it was rough. Yes it will be a week I remember for a long time. Of course it could be worse and I’m sure we’ll encounter much harder things are parents. Buuuuuut while we were in the thick of it it was pretty darn crummy!

Cheers to a better week!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Massive TX Snow Storm – Pick That Camera Up VOL 3

Okay so it may not be a massive snow storm by other standards but for us Texans it was all very exciting! 
See we get “Ice Days” in Texas,
not often snow days so any sprinkling of snow is something to be tickled over!

Like any good Texan we bundled up, put socks on our baby’s hands and headed out for some fun!  
This was Weston’s 1st time playing in the snow so it was pretty special to watch!

IMG_1832 copy

IMG_1786 copy

IMG_1795 copy

I see baby brother peeking through my jacket!

IMG_1822 copy

IMG_1773 copy

Socks on his hands and cowboy boots on his feet!
It totally worked!

IMG_1813 copy

IMG_1824 copy

IMG_1830 copy

IMG_1789 copy

IMG_1856 copy

I think these photos will be ones that fall into the “Oh my gosh I’m so happy we have these!” category!

PS….Speaking of Texas “Ice Days” I can hear ice hitting my window as I type this. Another ice day tomorrow.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Bump Update – 30 Weeks

Disclaimer – Little bit of TMI in this post and probably most of my Bump Updates from here on out. We’re nearing the end and things are a changin’ as my body prepares for labor so if you get sicked out by TMI type stuff you may want to skip over these bump updates. I found TMI so very helpful when I was reading bump updates during my 1st pregnancy so I want to keep things open and honest on here just in case someone else is experiencing the same thing and wondering if they’re the only one. I’ll give you a little heads up before I share something that’s TMI so you can skip over it but let’s be honest you know you’re going to read it!

Let’s get started!


I’d like to take a moment to thank public restrooms for not only giving me a place to empty my ever full bladder but for providing me with mirrors so I can document this sweet bump. If it wasn’t for you I would be in diapers and have no idea what I looked like during this pregnancy. So thank you!


How Far Along: 30 weeks (and 5 days now)! Hitting the 30 week mark is a big milestone. This sweet bump and I have come a long way! I’m just a couple days away from 31 weeks which means our “Weeks Until We Meet the Little Mr..” countdown will be in the single digits……single digits folks!!!!

Gender: Boy! When Kent and I talk about things to come we love referring to our littles as “The boys”!

“When the boys get older.”  
“Let’s take the boys here someday.”
“The boys will both get some use out of it.”

You get the point. I think it’s kind of precious!

Total Weight Gain: 22 pounds and still not feeling that pretty pregnancy glow that I did with my 1st. I’m not foreseeing that changing anytime soon. Random tidbit and TMI…….. These days I feel a lot better about my body naked than I do with clothes on. I know weird, right? I think all the layers and thick shirts that winter brings has something to do with it. I feel frumpy/thicker when I’m dressed. Without all the layers I feel tons better about the new curves and big belly. Not the double chin though. Nope don’t think there’s anyway to pretty that up. Umm and back to that whole feeling good while naked thing don’t worry I won’t be joining a nudist colony any time soon!

Maternity Clothes: Finally went out and bought a few things. Jessica Simpson still makes my favorite maternity clothes. Her jeans are like butta and I love her tops (the black and cream striped top I’m wearing above is from her line)! Her stuff is flattering on a pregnant body and doesn’t look super matronly ya know what I’m saying?

Miss Anything: Full nights sleep. It’s hard to come by these days. I’m typing this at 3:30am after waking up to go potty and not being able to fall back asleep. Thank goodness for laptops (blogging from bed),  Friends episodes on Netflix annnnnd nap time for my little. That’s when mama naps too!

Cravings: Smoothies, ice cold water, and toast. Smoothies and super cold water were things I craved with Weston’s pregnancy. Toast is a new one. Not something I typically eat so that one is a little weird. No jelly just a little bit of butter……delish! Sadly I’m finding it harder to drink coffee unless it’s iced.


I’ve been watching my sodium and water intake but I’m started to see some water retention in my face, hands, and feet. This point on is when I started retaining a lot of water during my 1st pregnancy. I was so bloated when we went to the hospital. I looked like a sacred puffer fish. I’m hoping if I stay active, drink plenty of water and watch my sodium intake I can keep from retaining so much this time around but it may just be something that I can’t help. We shall see.

My skin has been SUPER sensitive and itchy. Sometimes I get little bumps where it’s itchy but mainly my skin just turns red and splotchy. It’s in the weirdest spots too, on my wrist, random fingers, breast, behind my knees. I checked with my doctor and she said it’s most likely due to the weather and pregnancy hormones.

Typical for this stage of pregnancy. Again I would like to thank nap time! It’s glorious! When Weston naps I nap and we both wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of the day. Even on days when I’m not dragging I still try to rest when he does. If I don’t I just don’t have enough steam to finish out the day without being exhausted.

-The Girls:
This is another TMI part. Things with the girl’s (you know the ones upstairs) have been so different this pregnancy. I’m up almost 2 cup sizes and now producing colostrum. Something that didn’t happen with my 1st. Both are common but new to me.

-Potty Breaks: Are back in full force as he’s growing and right on top of my balder. I get to see so many public bathrooms during this stage; some gross some surprisingly neat.

None of these symptoms are a huge deal. The itchy skin thing is a little annoying but other than that I’m feeling great and loving being pregnant.

The Baby:

This little guy has been rocking and rolling for some time but his movements are more like pushes now. I can feel his little legs or hands on my belly as he pushes against my tummy while he gets comfy. I can’t seem to keep my hands off my belly while this is going on. Being able to feel him move around is one of the amazing gifts of pregnancy.

He’s getting so big. I can feel him kick up in my ribs and down by my lady bits at the same time; that’s long! We have a sono coming up in a month and we’ll be able to estimate how big he is. They were spot on with Weston so we’ll see what they say about little man.

-The Name:
We’re 95% sure we’re changing it and know what his name is going to be. It’s Kent’s favorite and when we put our top names in a hat and let Weston pick he picked the name 4 times in a row. Seems like a sign huh?  I think I’m going to wait and share it with you until after he’s born just in case we change it again!

Worst Moment of the Week: Being sick ack! Y’all I had the worst head cold. Headache, pressure, watery eyes, dripping nose even my jaw bone hurt. It was NOT fun! The 1st day I had to manage the little Mr. on my own while feeling crummy; not easy. The 2nd day Kent took off work to help with Weston. He’s a gem I tell ya! I was too uncomfortable to sleep it off so I stayed in bed all day and binge watching episodes of Shipping Wars on Netflix. I have no idea why I like that show but I do. 

Best Moment of the Week: We’ve had tons of family time this week! With me being sick we’ve really slowed down and hung out at home quite a bit. We’ve also had a couple of “ice days” (we don’t have snow days in Dallas) which meant the hubs was home from work 2 days this week. I’m happiest when the whole crew is together!

Something else special that happened this week……..

A friend surprised me with a Lush bubble bar. HELLO AWESOME, right!?!? No reason just because she thought of me while she was shopping. Made me big cheesy smile. I used it the same day she gave it to me because there is no waiting when it comes to Lush goodies!

Looking Forward To: Working in the nursery. I have faith it’s going to happen friends. Until then I will be looking forward to it every week!

Nursery Update: What a mess this has become. We’re painting or maybe I should I say Kent is painting a chalkboard wall (the wall the crib will go on). The surrounding walls are cream. Some of the chalkboard paint bled through the painters tape onto the cream wall. The problem is that we don’t have more of the cream paint to correct it. It’s the color our house was painted in when we moved in. No joke Kent has made 12 trips maybe more I lost count either to Home Depot or Sherwin-Williams trying to get paint matched to fix the wall in the nursery and so we have some touch up paint for the house as well. We now how a hole in our kitchen wall here he had to cut some of the sheetrock out to have something to match the paint to. We’ve spent a ton of money on paint that doesn’t match and we can not use not to mention all the time that was put into this. He started painting the chalkboard wall 4 weeks ago again not joking.  It’s still not finished and everything else to do with the nursery has been put on hold until he can get that project finished up. Super, super frustrating.

The folks at Home Depot weren’t too excited about  our multiple trips to trying and get it matched but thankfully a sweet lady at Sherwin-Williams helped us out. She was more than willing to try her best to match it. Our 1st trip that day was right when the store opened and we saw her one last time as she was ending her shift at 6. The last match was the best one so far. It’s not perfect but it will work! Hopefully once the wall is finished we can start knocking some projects out. I’m itching to get the room together!

On My Mind:
Baby shower! We had amazing beautiful showers for Weston. We were completely spoiled by family and friends. This time around we’re not having a shower. With the boys being so close in age (Weston’s showers weren’t that long ago) and the same gender we really don’t need much. We have clothes, bottles, baby gear. Besides a few odds and ends and items we need to have a double of we’re set, which is an awesome feeling! I do on the other hand want to do something to celebrate the new little love that’s joining our family. I’m thinking a spring BBQ or something simple like a PJs and Pancakes party. Not a shower but a celebration. Here’s the catch. We have a lot going on right now and I’m not sure if planning a party along with everything else is a smart idea. So I’m trying to decide what to do. Did you have a party or shower with your second? If so what did you do?

Photos! I’ve also been thinking about maternity photos and newborn photos for the little. What I want wear for maternity photos? Where I want to shoot them? For newborn photos I’m starting to think on the style I want and how I want to set up the brother shots. I learned my lesson from Weston’s newborn photos (do y’all remember that story gesh) and will not be going crazy with props and set ups but I do want to get him a couple things to use during our shoot. For a photographer it’s so very exciting to have your own children to photograph! 

That’s it for this update! :)

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